Combining operational models and data into a dynamic vessel risk assessment tool for coastal regions.
Ocean Science Discussions 12 (4)

Modelling And Validation Of The Santa Catarina Island Bays Hydrodynamics Based On Astronomic Tides And Measured Tides
LF Vianna, RVD Souza, A Vanz, L FERNANDES - 2015 -
Santa Catarina Island bays (SCI bays) has a great economic and social importance in the region. With more than 700.000 habitants in its surroundings, besides touristic and fishery activities, it represents approximately 70% of the Brazilian bivalve shellfish production. In ...

Effect of the river discharge implementation in an operational model for the West Iberia coastal area.
F Campuzano, D BRITO, M Juliano… - EGU General …, 2015 -
Abstract In the Iberian Peninsula, most of the largest rivers discharge on the Atlantic coast draining almost two thirds of the territory. It is an important source of nutrients and sediments to these coastal areas. Rivers discharges in the Atlantic area when compared with the ...

Integrating operational watershed and coastal models for the Iberian Coast: Watershed model implementation–A first approach.
D BRITO, FJ Campuzano, J Sobrinho… - Estuarine, Coastal and …, 2015 - Elsevier
Abstract River discharges and loads are essential inputs to coastal seas, and thus for coastal seas modelling, and their properties are the result of all activities and policies carried inland. For these reasons main rivers were object of intense monitoring programs having ...