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Towards an hydrodynamic an biogeochemical operational model of the Portuguese coast.
P Leitao, G Riflet, L FERNANDES, R FERNANDES… - … on Mathematics and …, 2008 - Citeseer
Abstract This paper describes the on going efforts of IST (Technical University of Lisbon) and the company Hidromod in implementing a hydrodynamic and biogeochemical operational model of the Portuguese coast. It is presented the methodology used to downscale ...

Implementation and validation of an operational wave modelling forecasting system for the Portuguese Coast.
G Franz, F Campuzano, L Pinto, R FERNANDES… -
The MARETEC operational wave forecasting system for the North Atlantic and Portuguese Coast based on the WAVEWATCH III (WWIII) model was updated to the latest released version with the development of new operational tools. The wave modelling system was ...

Wind and freshwater influence over hydrocarbon dispersal on Patos Lagoon, Brazil.
J Janeiro, E Fernandes, F Martins, R FERNANDES - Marine pollution bulletin, 2008 - Elsevier
The two-dimensional barotropic, hydrodynamic and transport model MOHID is applied to the Patos Lagoon system using a nested modelling approach to reproduce both the lagoon and estuary hydrodynamics. A new Lagrangian oil spill model is presented and used to ...

Comparative evaluation of wind power forecasts for Portuguese transmission system operator.
AR TRANCOSO, JD Domingos… - European Wind Energy …, 2008 -
Wind power capacity in Portugal has been growing with Europe's tendency and by June 2007, there were 1908 MW installed with 700 MW (17 parks) being telemeasured and 3273 MW already licensed. Figure 1 is a map of parks location and figure 2 presents mean ...