ACTION Seaport

ACTION Seaport is an integrated and novel solution to promote intelligent monitoring and enhancement of environmental, safety and operation performance for port and shipping activities, taking advantage of the combination of state-of-the-art model-based decision support systems and data management technologies developed in ACTION Modulers along the recent years and now acquired by Bentley.

In detail, ACTION Seaport can be used to support and enhance the following Port activities:

Action Seaport

Action Seaport

- Operation support: navigation, pilotage and (un)loading support through the visualization of high resolution forecasts of marine weather conditions, including surface currents, wave and wind data;

Action Seaport

- Vessel tracking: including all relevant information about vessel general characteristics (e.g. length, width, MMSI, photo), voyage (e.g. origin, destination, ETA) and real time data (e.g. position, heading, state – anchored, moored, underway);

Action Seaport

- Environmental monitoring: data management and visualization of real time measured or estimated water and air parameters (e.g. monitoring stations; air emissions from ships);

Action Seaport

- Emergency response: support to marine pollution tactical response through advanced and reliable on-demand oil, chemical (HNS) and inert spill forecasting, as well as simulation of the drift of floating containers and search and rescue operations;

Action Seaport

- Port performance indicators: continuous evolution of operational port performance indicators, including time, volume and movement elements from vessels (e.g. average ship turn-round times).

Action seaport

The system is able to publish, distribute and interface results in multiple traditional and technological platforms, including periodic digital reports, tailor-made SMS and email alerts, mobile-friendly websites, GIS desktop systems.

ACTION Seaport differentiates from other decision support systems and forecasting services in the following items:

  • Inclusion of high resolution and detailed metocean forecasting systems, not only for wave and currents, but also in wind data.

  • Inclusion of state-of-the-art, on-the-fly, and reliable water and air dispersion modelling for oil (including dynamic behaviour of boom containers) and HNS spills, coupled with the above mentioned metocean forecasting systems.

  • Integrated maritime situational awareness through interfacing and visualisation of all data layers – including vessel positioning - in the same fixed or mobile platform, for example, a video wall, tablet or smartphone.

  • Possibility of integration on client websites or mobile apps, using REST API web service technology.

  • Advanced data analytics based on vessel AIS, not only for continuous monitoring of environmental purposes (air emissions), but also to measure port performance indicators.