Mohid Studio


MOHID Water is a model for surface water bodies to simulate all of the processes that influence the flow like tide, thermal stratification, density gradients, wind, discharges, bottom friction and waves. In addition to the hydrodynamic processes, MOHID Water can simulate point source discharges, transport of dissolved and particulate matter, erosion and deposition of sediments, microbiological processes (1st order decay), water quality processes (e.g. phosphorus cycle, nitrogen cycle) and interaction with the sediments at the bottom.

MOHID Water is a full 3D model which uses a finite volume approach. One highlight of the model is ability to use a generic vertical coordinate, allowing the user to combine different coordinates types (e.g. sigma, cartesian, lagrangian).

MOHID Water uses structured grids, which can have constant or variable spacing or be curvilinear. The model also supports in a straightforward way sub-model nesting, to refine the solution in the region of interest.

Engineering problems which are typically addressed with MOHID Water include:

  • Construction Works
  • Dredging and Sediment Transport
  • Discharges from WWTP, Power Plants and Desalination Plants
  • Water Quality
  • Oil Spills (Emergency Planning)

MOHID Water is mainly developed by IST (University of Lisbon, Portugal) and Action Modulers. MOHID Water is open source and distributed under GNU public license.