Action Server

ACTION Server, product that Bentley owns, is a window’s based application server, designed for processing real time data and operational numerical models. The server can be configured through specific plugins from inside MOHID Studio. Due to its plugin architecture Action Server is flexible to configure and install. Current plugins are available for:

  • Run operationally the WRF model;
  • Run operationally the MOHID Land model;
  • Run operationally the MOHID Water model;
  • Download data from the global forecast system GFS (e.g. boundary conditions for WRF);
  • Download data from the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (e.g. boundary conditions for MOHID Water);
  • Download data from the meteorological network Weather UnderGround;
  • Track vessels through Marine Traffic;
  • Evaluate continuously risks (e.g. flood) by analyzing the processed data;
  • Publish data via WMS and a powerful RestAPI;

In addition, ACTION Server allows developing, with little effort, new plugins which allow processing data from local sources (e.g. hydrographic buoys, regional meteorological forecasts).

Current version of ACTION Server is ACTION Server 2016 v3.1 (released October 2016). This version works under 64 bit version of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or Server. Before installing ACTION Server 2016 it is recomended to check:

Installation Guide

Quick installation Guide: 1. Download the file "" (link below) to your local disk. 2. Extract the files in the zip to your local disk into a temporary folder. 3. Run setup.exe and follow the instructions on the screen.

Download Action Server

Action Server