Action Modulers  


ACTION Modulers is a private consulting company,composed by two units: - Research and Development - numerical modelling, development of technological solutions and applied training; - Protection and Safety - protection and security consulting, planning and security auditing. ACTION Modulers emerged in early 2004 with the mission of providing high quality consulting services. Through a strong connection to the university environment, the company continuously participates in scientific and technological development reaching a high level of skills. Human resources are the most valuable potential of the company. Please find below a short summary of ACTION Modulers’ key personnel.

Rodrigo Fernandes

Research and Development Unit

Rodrigo Fernandes holds a degree in environmental engineering and a Master of Science in Environmental Modelling. Currently he is developing his Ph. D. in Environmental Engineering. He has been involved in many R&D activities in water pollution dispersion modelling with special focus in oil and chemical spills, operational modelling systems and downstream services.

Rodrigo is one of the key developers of the oil and chemical spill weathering modules in MOHID Modelling System. He is author of 10 peer-reviewed papers, 4 book chapters and more than 20 conference papers.

  • +351 916 193 398

Rosa Trancoso

Research and Development Unit - External Consultant

Rosa Trancoso holds a degree in environmental engineering and a Ph.D. from the University of Lisbon in operational numerical modelling, with a focus on weather forecast systems applied to wind power and meteorological warnings.

She has 12 years’ experience in scientific programming for engineering applications, having worked with models and software for weather, waves, water bodies and watersheds, both as a researcher at the University of Lisbon and as consulter in the private sector. She has extensive experience in working and developing MOHID Modelling System and she is co-founder of MOHID Land.

  • +351 931 133 515

José Abrantes

Protection and Safety Unit - External Consultant

Jose Abrantes holds a degree in electronical engineering with specialization in safety engineering. He has an extensive experience in projects related with fire protection safety, being currently the representative of Portugal in the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF). We had several leading positions in entities of the national firefighters and has a long curriculum of courses and training taught nationally and internationally.

During his long career he occupied several leading positions in entities related with the national firefighters. He has an extensive curriculum on nationally and internationally training related with fire safety.

  • +351 912 345 678

Francisco Campuzano

Research and Development Unit - External Consultant

Francisco Campuzano holds a degree of oceanography of the University of Las Palmas and a Master of Science in Estuarine and Coastal Management of the University of Hull.

Since 2005 he has been working as researcher at Maretec, University of Lisbon, were he has been involved in research projects at European, national and regional level in different areas like as assessing ecological status, socio-economics, conceptual and numerical modelling. In the last few years, he has been involved in the development of meteorological and oceanographic operational systems with focus in the field of Marine Renewable Energies and coastal-watershed integration.

  • +351 918 133 773