ACTION Modulers is a private consulting company,composed by two units: - Research and Development - numerical modelling, development of technological solutions and applied training; - Protection and Safety - protection and security consulting, planning and security auditing. ACTION Modulers emerged in early 2004 with the mission of providing high quality consulting services. Through a strong connection to the university environment, the company continuously participates in scientific and technological development reaching a high level of skills. Human resources are the most valuable potential of the company. Please find below a short summary of ACTION Modulers’ key personnel.

Frank Braunschweig

General Director and Head of Research and Development Unit

Frank Braunschweig holds a degree in civil engineering and a Master of Science in numerical modelling of water resources. He has a large experience in software development and environmental modelling, including coastal areas, reservoirs, watersheds and rivers.

Frank is the main responsible for ACTION Modulers' software products and technical coordinator of the MOHID Modelling System. Over the past 20 years he has participated in several European research projects and in many consulting projects, related with numerical modelling and software development.

  • +351 914 543 460

Carlos Ferreira de Castro

Managing Director and Head of Protection and Safety Unit

Carlos Ferreira de Castro holds a degree in electronical engineering. He has over 25 years of experience in project concept, project monitoring, consulting and safety training. In the course of his professional career was a university lecturer, business manager and held various important positions in entities involved in the security sector fire and civil protection.

Highlighting his extensive experience in providing consulting services, training and project management, particularly in the areas of fire safety and communication systems. He was a member of the committee that drafted the new Portuguese National Fire Safety Code and collaborates regularly with the National Civil Protection Authority.

  • +351 966 087 197

Luís Fernandes

Partner, Research and Development Unit

Luis Fernandes holds a degree in environmental engineering and a Master of Science in numerical modelling of water resources. He has a large experience in developing and applying hydrodynamic, transport and water quality models of surface water bodies, obtained from his activity as researcher at MARETEC / University of Lisbon and, since 2009, in the private sector. He is one of the main developers of MOHID Modelling System and key person in MOHID scientific training.

At MARETEC he took the role of main researcher and technical coordinator in several projects related with numerical modelling of estuarine and coastal areas, among others: MABENE, INSEA, ECOOP and EASY, the last three focusing on operational forecasting modelling of coastal and estuarine systems and downscaling from global ocean models.

  • +351 962 456 879

Tiago Cardoso

Protection and Safety Unit

Tiago Cardoso holds a degree in geological engineering and has a large experience in fire protection projects, gained during his activity at ACTION Modulers during the last 10 years.
As consultor he works mostly on projects related with fire protection in buildings, being responsible for the management and execution of these projects.

  • +351 913 808 559