General Presentation

ACTION Modulers is a Portuguese consulting company, mainly focused on numerical modeling, development of technological solutions and safety planning services. ACTION Modulers emerged in early 2004 with the mission to provide high quality consulting services. Through a strong connection to the university environment, the company continuously participates in scientific and technological development achieving a high level of skills.

ACTION Modulers is composed of elements from various branches of engineering and management, developing work in close collaboration with the client, thus allowing achieving successfully all proposed objectives.

Since its funding, ACTION Modulers is continuously participating in national and international research projects, which allows the company to offer always state of the art solutions.

Over the last years ACTION Modulers has built a set of strong relationships with universities and other companies, on national and international level.

The company has two main business areas:

  • Research and Development
  • Protection & Safety

Research and Development

ACTION Modulers' Research & Development unit is specialized on developing and applying software related with numerical modelling of the environment. ACTION Modulers’ flagship product, MOHID Studio, is used by hundreds of professional of the water business worldwide.

Protection & Safety

ACTION Modulers' Protection & Safety unit provides consulting solutions in defining and implementing corporate and legal requirements with regards to life and fire safety, including fire risk analysis and evacuation techniques.